Our Team

At SoundFarm, we believe professional music production should be both good and affordable. Our aim to provide music hopefuls, bands and talents value for their money. Our team consists of two individuals with different niche areas in the music production workflow. Together, we provide a comprehensive, uninterrupted music production workflow for our clients' production needs.


Reuben Raman

A graduate from New York University's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Reuben is the chief engineer at SoundFarm. His work in the United States involves working with renowned producers and engineers such as Dave Tozer (John Legend, Pixxie Lott), Jim Anderson (Gonzalo Rubaclaba) and Bob Power (Chakka Kahn, A Tribe Called Quest). Reuben's expertise is in recording and mixing and is one of the upcoming mix engineers in Singapore today. 


Mandric Tan

Mandric is the in-house arranger and composer at SoundFarm. With a degree in Contemporary Writing & Composition from the renowned Berklee College of Music, Mandric has been involved in producing and arranging for a various of local, national and international acts such as National Day Parade & The Youth Olympic Games 2010. Mandric is also a mean Pro Tools operator as well.